On Tuesday, February 7, it became known that in Khimki, Moscow Region, an 11-year-old girl named Melvira attacked her classmate Sonya and

cut her with a kitchen knife in the Lyceum restroom


It is currently known that as a result of the attack, Sonia suffered 26 knife cuts on her face, and about 20 more deep wounds on her body.   

Mash Telegram channel writes about it.

According to Mash, immediately after the attack, Melvira's mother wrote an apologetic text message to Sonia's father.

Sonia's condition is still serious, she has lost a lot of blood.

In the near future, she will be taken by helicopter to a hospital in Lyubertsy, Moscow region.

As the classmates said, no one knew about Sonya's conflict with Melvira.

The prosecutor's office is currently conducting an investigation

It is currently known that Melvira brought a kitchen knife to school from home, called Sonya to the toilet, asked her to turn away and stabbed her in the neck with a knife.

Sonya screamed and asked to stop, but Melvira continued to hit her until the high school girl got scared.

The girl left the toilet, left her classmate bleeding on the floor, and returned to the class herself and said that she had killed Sofia.

Reasons for the attack

The conflict between schoolgirls at the Khimki Lyceum allegedly occurred due to an unsuccessful attempt to make friends.

It is reported that Melvira was a closed child, but she really wanted to be friends with Sonia, but she refused. 

According to Mash, Melvira planned the murder tonight.

In the morning, she wrote a message to another friend that she would kill Sonya and sit in a prison, but she did not attach any importance to it. 

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