There will be make-up classes at the beginning of next week, and the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education advocates that centralized make-up classes should be avoided in the same month.

The Ministry of Education responded that it will continue to discuss with local governments and relevant groups.

(Photo by reporter Lin Xiaoyun)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] Elementary and middle schools will start next Monday, but on the first Saturday they will have to make up classes for the 228 consecutive national holidays. Hou Junliang, chairman of the National Teachers Union Federation, said that this year there will be a total of 8 consecutive holidays of more than 3 days. One of them had to make up classes for 6 days. Make-up classes were required on the first Saturday when school started. Students were depressed in learning, and school administration was also troubled. They called on the government to review the flexible make-up classes during holidays, and avoid centralized make-up classes in the same month.

Hou Junliang said that when the government sets the annual calendar, it should avoid concentrated make-up classes in the same month, and should set out the principles of make-up classes, such as no more than a few make-up classes in a semester, and which festivals should be given priority to flexible holidays, etc., so that Students, parents, and schools have followed suit. Too much flexible holidays to make up classes and make up classes. For parents in the service industry, for example, flexible holidays will cause disaster.

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Hou Junliang pointed out that one semester only lasts for more than 4 months, and there are 3 make-up days in the second semester of this year. The beginning of school is the busiest time for schools at all levels, but they have to make up classes and make up classes, which makes everyone troubled. It is to promote the economy and relieve the pressure on national highways and railways to return home. In the future, the government can designate Xiaobai Ming as a national holiday, so that people will feel more grateful if there is no need to make up classes.

According to the Ministry of Education, according to the general outline of the 12-year national basic education curriculum, the number of school days and weeks of school at all levels of the year is handled according to the school year and semester holidays of school students at all levels, but the number of school days per week should be in accordance with the administrative department of the General Office of Personnel and Administration of the Executive Yuan. The relevant regulations on the number of working days of the agency are handled. The relevant supplementary classes are based on the parent-child synchronization. Most departments cooperate with the relevant regulations on the working days of the administrative agency of the Human Resources and Administration Department of the Executive Yuan. The Ministry of Education will continue to cooperate with local governments and related organizations on relevant suggestions. discuss.