18,000 gendarmerie and 10,000 police were involved in the earthquake area.

Another 10,000 gendarmes will be involved.

APA's correspondent sent to the earthquake region in Turkey reports that this was said by Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

He said that in addition to protecting the safety of citizens, search operations are being carried out: "In addition, 31 governors and 70 kaymakams were involved in the earthquake area.

So far, we have brought 11,000 tents to Kahramanmaras, 5,000 of which have already been installed."

The minister said that two mobile villages are already being built in Kahramanmaraş: "Hospitals are already supplied with electricity.

The problem with our gas supply still remains.

We prepared food for 74 thousand people.

We will increase it further.

The fact that there are many collapsed buildings makes our work a little difficult.

We will not leave our citizens alone."

The minister said that the events taking place here are being reported to the head of the country.

"We have never been ashamed in front of our nation, and we will not be ashamed today.

We have difficulties at the moment.

We work hard for this.

We are fighting against time.

Citizens need us and we need their support.

Hopefully, we will not be ashamed in front of our nation," said Suleyman Soylu.