, the wife of TV presenter

Hryhoriy Reshetnik


answered what she and her husband plan to do if Russia launches a new attack on Kyiv.

According to the celebrity, she is often asked such questions as to whether their family plans to leave the capital for some time, especially against the background of rumors that the aggressor country wants to go on the offensive again in the Kyiv region.

Khrystyna admitted that she and Hryhoriy and their three children do not plan to leave Kyiv in any case.

Wife of Grigory Reshetnik / Photo:

"Many people write to me in private messages, even yesterday people approached Grisha and me on the street and asked: "God, how are you reacting, are you not leaving anywhere now, because there are different rumors, different information about the offensive not only in the east , but also to Kyiv." I can tell you that we are not going anywhere," commented Reshetnik's wife.

Khrystyna also added that they have been in Kyiv for almost a year of full-scale war and are not going to go anywhere.

The Reshetnik family believes in the Armed Forces and works for the victory of Ukraine.

"We are here the whole year that the war is going on. We are with three children in the capital. Actually, they study, we work, we live, we help. We believe that there is no need to go anywhere, and we will be here. In general, we will work and we will believe in our victory here in Kyiv," Khrystyna emphasized.

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