Easy And Quick Recipes: Many types of recipes can be made from potatoes.

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  • Many qualities are found in potato.

  • Batata Vada is a famous dish of Maharashtra.

  • Aloo Bhujia is a tasty and simple dish.

5 Quick Potato Recipes: Potato is such a vegetable which is used almost every day in every Indian household.

Many types of recipes can be made from potatoes.

And the best thing about potato is that it can be paired with any vegetable.

Many such properties are found in potato which can help in providing many benefits to the body.

Let us tell you that carbohydrates, protein, mineral beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folic are found in potato.

If you are also bored of eating the same type of vegetables, then today we are telling you such delicious and quick recipes which you can prepare for lunch and dinner at any time.

Here Are The 5 Delicious Potato Recipes:

1. Lucknowi Dum Aloo-

Most of the people like to eat Dum Aloo curry.

To make Dum Aloo in Lucknowi style, you have to fry paneer, tomato and pickled onions in potatoes, your dish is ready to serve. 

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2. Batata Vada-

Another popular recipe made with potatoes is Batata Vada.

Let us tell you that this is a famous dish of Maharashtra.

You can make it at home in a jiffy.

To make this, all you have to do is fry the potatoes by applying gram flour on them.

Your dish is ready to serve. 

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3. Spicy Potato-

There is no need to tell how much Indian likes spicy food.

If you also like spicy food then you can try this dish.

It is made with tangy flavor of tomatoes and tempering of green chillies. 

4. Achari Potato-

You can include potatoes in your diet in countless ways.

Perhaps this is the reason why it is liked the most.

Fried potatoes are made by mixing green chilies, mustard seeds, sugar and vinegar to give achari flavor. 

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5. Potato Bhujia-

Aloo Bhujia is one such dish which is most liked by children and in office lunch boxes.

Making this dish is also very easy.

It is cut in the shape of french fried and cooked with cumin and green chillies till it becomes crunchy. 

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