Qiu Yuxuan was dissatisfied with being pursued by Foundation Progressive Party candidate Yang Peihua all the way on ethics issues, and shed tears at the press conference.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] During the nine-in-one election last year, the 11th constituency (Linyuan, Daliao) of Gaoshi Councilors was highly competitive. KMT City Councilor Qiu Yuxuan sought re-election, but was chased by the challenger Yang Peihua, the candidate of the Foundation Progressive Party. Question: Qiu dissatisfied with filing a violation of the Election and Strike Law, but during the investigation, the Xiong Procuratorate found that Yang Peihua's election propaganda was "appropriate" and "reasonable", and did not constitute an intention to disqualify people by spreading falsehoods. The investigation concluded and punished Yang Peihua. Do not prosecute.

Accompanied by Ke Zhien, Kaohsiung mayoral candidate of the KMT, Qiu Yuxuan held a press conference of "Rejecting Bullying and Returning to the Municipality" at the KMT Department in October last year, criticizing Taiwan's radical candidates for long-term and malicious smearing of her, and printing and distributing smearing propaganda. Decided to file criminal and civil complaints such as defamation and intent to disqualify a person from election.

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Yang Peihua emphasized that in the election propaganda, it was mentioned that the family of the relevant Councilor Qiu was punished by the Overwatch Council and violated the law on avoiding the interests of public officials. Qiu Yuxuan should produce more objective evidence to prove his innocence, instead of using a lawsuit to confuse the focus.

During Xiong’s investigation, the prosecutor reviewed the content of the Gao City Council’s questioning, and believed that Qiu Yuxuan had indeed repeatedly questioned Lin Yuan High School’s nutritious lunch, and asked the Education Bureau and the Cultural Bureau’s personnel to give an immediate answer. It shows that it has reached the level of pressure, which is still a reasonable comment, and the content of the relevant election propaganda is a public document of the government, so it is difficult to determine that it constitutes an intention to make people not elected.

In addition, Yang Peihua's husband, who was serving in the military, put on a military uniform and co-photographed the billboard. Qiu Yuxuan was also charged with "inciting soldiers to disobey discipline." "It is not enough to incite soldiers to fail to perform their duties or not to observe discipline, and the investigation and punishment will not be prosecuted.