According to TechCrunch, the personal information of iRent users was exposed on the Internet for up to 8 months.

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[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Personal information leakage incidents are frequent. Following the leakage of 100,000 users’ personal information of car-sharing iRent, Geshang Car Rental also suffered a leak of 10,000 personal information. The ruling and opposition legislators called for the establishment of a new cabinet Handled by the responsible authority.

Chen Jianren, Premier of the Executive Yuan, is strongly concerned about this matter. Zheng Wencan, Vice President of the Executive Yuan and Chief of Security, will invite relevant ministries to discuss policy directions this week.

There have been frequent incidents of personal information leaks in China, including public sector household registration information, health insurance information, China Airlines membership information, and private companies such as iRent Car Rental, Geshang Car Rental, etc., causing social concern and user anxiety.

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Legislator Lai Pinyu of the Democratic Progressive Party said that the biggest controversy over personal data protection is that the "Personal Data Law" is under the responsibility of the competent authorities for various purposes, and there are 20 second-level central ministries and committees that supervise the personal data of non-government agencies; The supervisory units are different, and the rights and responsibilities are unclear.

Times Power Legislator Qiu Xianzhi said that the "Personal Data Law" does not designate a dedicated agency, but provides professional manpower, personal data protection guidelines beforehand, and handling principles afterwards. Ask the new cabinet to take responsibility and form an independent agency responsible for personal information protection as soon as possible.

Regarding private information security, Li Huairen, deputy director of the Ministry of Digital Development, said yesterday that if private operators discover suspected personal data leaks or information security incidents, they can report to the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), a consortium supervised by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, as soon as possible. Cyber ​​Crisis Management and Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC).

Li Huairen said that according to the Personal Data Protection Law, the personal information incidents of private units are under the supervision of the competent authorities of each target business. If private operators discover suspected personal data leaks or information security incidents, they can report to the target business competent authorities in accordance with the regulations of various ministries and commissions. Notified TWCERT/CC that the center serves as a window for reporting and coordinating information security incidents of private enterprises, and will provide consulting, coordination and coordinating services for information security incidents of enterprises.

Regarding the leakage of personal data of private enterprise customers, the spokesman of the Executive Yuan, Chen Zongyan, said today that Premier Chen Jianren expressed strong concern about it, and instructed the Chief of Information Security and Vice President of the Executive Yuan, Zheng Wencan, to discuss the safety and protection of personal information of the people this week. All relevant ministries and committees are invited to discuss the topic of the mechanism, and timely report to the people of the country on the direction of follow-up information security protection policies to ensure the security of people's personal data.