Sol Miguel Cuevas was one of those inducted into the Palmar de Junco Hall of Fame.

Photo: John Vila Acosta/ ACN.

Former baseball players Pedro Luis Lazo, Osmani Urrutia, Pedro Chávez and Sol Miguel Cuevas, were inducted into the Palmar de Junco Hall of Fame this Monday.

The electoral committee granted 15 votes to Lazo and 14 to Chávez and Urrutia.

Sol Miguel Cuevas entered the Hall of Fame by direct and unanimous election of the Veterans Committee.

In this seventh exaltation to the Cuban baseball hall of fame, 83 players who have received this tribute in other countries were homologated, bringing the number of members of Palmar de Junco to 157.

Alfredo Santana, baseball historian, told ACN that with the homologation of players who entered halls in Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the Palmar de Junco concentrates all the Cuban fans, whatever the space.

The director of the Palmar de Junco local development project, Elena González Méndez, said that a group of activity proposals are being studied to celebrate, within two years, the 150th anniversary of the first official ball game in Cuba.

(With information from ACN)