People's Artist of Ukraine

Pavlo Zibrov showed

off his adult beautiful daughter.

In particular, the musician published a photo on Instagram in which he is pictured with 25-year-old Diana.

Dad and daughter posed in front of the camera in the snowy park of Kyiv.

As the performer admitted, on the morning of February 7, they went on a business trip together.

After that, Pavlo decided to take a walk through snowy Kyiv with Diana and spend some free time together.

Pavlo Zibrov with his daughter / Photo:

"After the morning chores, Dianka and I took a walk in the park. Snow, silence, beauty!"

- the artist signed the photo.

It should be noted that 25-year-old Diana, who will turn 26 on February 21, works for her father.

The girl helps Pavlo Zibrov in creative matters.

As the musician previously said, his

daughter has many duties

, which she performs perfectly.

So the singer pays Diana a full salary.

We will remind you that earlier Pavlo Zibrov showed how he supports the Ukrainian defenders who are heroically defending the country from the Russian invaders.

In particular, the musician

sang in a hospital for military personnel

who are currently undergoing rehabilitation.

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