Ukrainian TV presenter and blogger

Oleksiy Durnev 

reacted to what gifts women of the occupiers receive as compensation for the death of their husbands.

Oleksiy recently shared a screenshot from one of the propaganda channels on Instagram, where residents of Moscow talked about how they handed over fur coats to the women of the fallen occupiers.

The propagandist also shared a photo of Natalie, who received outerwear instead of her husband.


However, it seems that Natalya in the photo was not at all upset by such an exchange.

The woman happily smiled at the camera and could not hide her joy.

"Dear friends, there is a new joke in Russia. Widows are given fur coats for their dead husbands. Just look at how happy she is. She seems to have dreamed of this fur coat all her life: "Wow, what!


Sable!", Durnev teased the occupier's wife.


We will remind you that earlier, journalist Dmytro Gordon

stunned a

video in which a Russian washes dishes simply in the toilet.

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