I must - with no small joy - point out that these are a minority among us Bulgarians, so do not see this comment as something apocalyptic or even negative.

It is not because they are fewer in number.

We just shouldn't let their thinking spread, that's it. 

All about the topic:

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 129

Well, putting that aside, let's say to ourselves: Why are you like this, huh?


What is broken in you to become like this? 

Thousands of earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, hundreds of thousands left homeless, broken families, scarred lives, "those" are shouting: you're hacked! 

Others of "those" begin to philosophize: what about Pernik, when it happened, wouldn't it be good for us? 

Where is the logic here?

When has anyone ever said they had a good time?

What IQ is behind this thought?

I will not even compare the two earthquakes and the thousands of victims in Turkey and Syria, because I find it ridiculous to make comparisons between such things. 

That "director" (it's a pity that I don't have bigger quotes for here) Maxim, what was his last name there...he also got pissed off about the topic:

I'm sorry, but - in my opinion - in order to do art, you have to have at least a rudimentary level of emotional maturity.

You can't be like this, the one above, and do art.

In the sense: you can... but the result will always be at the level of an advertisement for sausages and you will become the laughing stock of the hens;

and you will survive only because the patriots who invented politics are launching you. 

Seeing his "opinion" makes me sick, just like I get sick every time I hear his voice, because I know what's going to come out of his mouth, either way - something highly unsanitary. 

To lose all human face, just to please yourself at the table, because you think you are advertising yourself as a great "patriot".

And "patriot", according to you and your limited brain, is to hate, but to hate well and to rejoice in other people's misfortune;

to hate with ardor, with saliva on the mouth and sweat on the nose. 

Then other forms of "those" appeared.

A Bulgarian woman in Turkey talks about the horrors of the crash.

And in the comments, some of "those" appeared to comment on how ugly she was, how disgusting she was, and how she had lied to her husband to marry her.

It's like listening to Maxim Pishman the director trying to think. 

Then there was more joy with references to "Turkish slavery".

Not one of them came out on the subject, but let's emphasize again - there are not that many;

the majority of people in Bulgaria reacted normally, with sympathy, expressed a desire to help;

and that's good. 

There was, of course, the explanation for the Hungarian Horseman, possibly placed on the back of the new Euro coins.

Not that this coin exists or will ever exist, but they already have an opinion on the matter, and it - like most of their opinions - is not only stupid, but full of panic and hate.

I didn't think "them" could lower the bar that much, but they did.

Apparently, they have not seen the Madar horseman live, not in a photo, not on the back of the pennies in their pocket,

what can they do... And they started to complain that the image was of the trampled Bulgarian LION, you see!

Their level is already below sea level. 

Well, it was necessary to check the BNR on the "topic" (my dear!).

Verification: It is a lie that the BNB offers a "trampled lion" in the design of euro coins

We didn't think the level could drop so much, but here it is.

Can you guess what the "director" with the brain of a boiled sausage and the panickers with the Madara Horseman have in common?

The Degeneration Party, of course, and their whole mentality of people who don't wear the shoes of a cobbler, but a vulcanizer. 

15 years ago, there was a campaign about possibly, if one day we adopt the euro, what it would look like in its Bulgarian version.

Well, then people voted MOST for the Madara Horseman.

I suppose that a significant part of the now "panicked" voted with patriotic fervor for the Madar horseman.

Strange people. 

Kiril Stoyanov, who is associated with "Vazrazhdane" (!!!), made a post about the "stepped lion" on Facebook.

By the way, the use of foreign letters (in this case - Greek) is an old trick of Internet trolls to bypass the algorithms of the system with which all three posts with obscene and offensive content are found ... well, look at the experience here. 

That trampled lion, do you think he handles pennies?

Has he seen what's on their backs?


No less interesting is the automatic reaction of the arguing infantile: you who are wearing a hat, you who are without a hat. 

Commenters appeared to state (the well-tested trick) that if they explain themselves, they are lying. 

If you don't say anything, they react: *if they don't deny, then it's true*.

If you explain to them, they say: *it's a lie, as soon as they go into explanatory mode*.

Now what!

And the truth is very simple (like themselves): they have no reasons for their nonsense and they "defend" them with the overly elementary "deductive" technique of five-year-olds, diverting the topic into simple nagging (and they think that they are original and funny; all became comedians, d#§6@!). 

Well, how do you live with such people, among such people, around such people?

How to "lend a hand", so that there is unity?

That they only want chaos and destruction.

They want everything and everyone who is not like them to simply be gone, to be physically destroyed.

And we must find a way to be one society with such;

and the politicians should find a way with "those" to unite us and start building together?

Well, how?

With the help of which magic? 

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria


Turkey and Syria

Brain donors

brain damage

The Z-People

Maxim Genchev

the earthquake in Turkey

shit for brains

Bulgarian lev

The Madar horseman