A train in the United States derailed on the evening of the 3rd. On Monday, staff removed the threat through a "controlled" explosion in the carriage carrying toxic chemicals.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A train in the United States derailed on the evening of the 3rd, causing an explosion and a raging fire.

On Monday (6th), the staff removed the threat through a "controlled" explosion of the carriage carrying the toxic chemical substance.

According to Reuters, Ohio government officials said that workers took action on Monday to drain and burn the toxic chemical cargo "vinyl chloride" in the wreckage of five carriages, prompting the government to conduct a large-scale evacuation.

Ohio Emergency Management Agency spokesman Sandy Mackey said vinyl chloride is a highly flammable, cancer-causing gas and a "controlled" release would produce a predictable explosion. Everything is going according to plan and it appears to be quite successful."

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Thick black smoke rose from the explosion in the Ohio town of East Palestine.

Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Norfolk Southern) discovered on Sunday (5th) that the decompression device of some carriages had stopped working, worrying about causing public safety problems, saying that it would lead to a "catastrophic accident"; Ohio Governor Mike DeWine It also issued a statement stating that the chemical composition in the five carriages was "very unstable and could explode causing deadly fragments and toxic fumes".

Norfolk Southern Railway said on Monday that it has worked with government officials at all levels to develop an artificial gas emission plan, which will release vinyl chloride in a controlled manner under the supervision of experts and first responders.

"The explosion would cause the toxic substance to burn out rapidly during the expulsion process," the company said.

In order to cooperate with the plan, Ohio Governor Divin teamed up with Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (Josh Shapiro) to order an expansion of the evacuation area to cover all houses within 1 to 2 miles of the accident site.

The governor's office warned that inhaling smoke from the explosion could be fatal.

In the "red" warning zone drawn around the accident site, everyone is in "serious danger to life"; the "yellow" warning zone means that people are at high risk of serious injury, including skin burns and lung damage.

Divin emphasized that residents who refuse the order and do not want to leave the warning zone may be arrested if they have underage children in their homes.

Norfolk Southern Railways issued a brief statement on Monday, nearly two hours after the start of the plan, saying it had "successfully relieved several freight cars".