Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, has played guiding chess on the Russia-Ukraine war from time to time.

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[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Russia invaded Ukraine with troops and shouted slogans such as "de-militarization" and "de-Nazification". I can't wait to ask everyone for their opinions on whether to "demilitarize" and "de-Nazify" Poland after "resolving" Ukraine, and said that he does not deny that he has such an intention.

According to the Russian "Sputnik" (Sputnik) report on the 6th, Kadyrov had a difficult problem: If Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine is successful, it will start the process of "de-Nazification" and "de-militarization" of Poland. , what will happen.

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He posted on his personal Telegram channel: "In the framework of supporting Ukraine, Warsaw was able to exhaust its military resources, and now it is in a panic: if Russia, after the successful completion of special military operations, begins to de-Nazi the next country What about demilitarization and demilitarization? After all, after Ukraine, Poland is on the map!"

Kadyrov said he did not deny his intentions.

"I have said many times that the fight against Satanic teachings should continue throughout Europe, first of all on Polish soil. In this way the Poles woke up in time."

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the soldiers under Chechen Autonomous Republic President Ramzan Kadyrov's help repeatedly "posed" to make fake jokes, and were dubbed the "TikTok Force" by foreign media. Kadyrov " Titles such as "Chechen Punching King" and "Speaking Cannon King" have also spread like wildfire.

He recently made a bold prediction, saying that Russia will never be defeated. If the nuclear button is pressed, Russians will go to heaven, while others can only go to hell.

Kadyrov played a guiding game on the Russia-Ukraine war more than once. As early as April last year, seeing that the performance of the Russian army on the battlefield was not as expected, he boldly proposed a tactical nuclear attack on Ukraine. He also said that he could replace Putin. Certain locations in Ukraine conduct tactical nuclear strikes.