A same-sex couple quarreled and set fire to Daxi District, Taoyuan City, killing an innocent 3-year-old girl.

(Photographed by reporter Li Rongping)

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"Girls and Girls Love" broke up and set fire to 2 seriously injured and 3-year-old girl died innocently

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] There was an arson case in Taoyuan City where a female and female lover broke up. Su Baiwen, deputy director of the Health Bureau of the Taoyuan City Government and a psychiatrist, suggested that during the relationship between couples, if the other party often commits aggressive behaviors and shows a strong desire to control, Even when there is intimate violence, you must pay special attention to safety when negotiating a breakup, try to avoid one-on-one negotiations, and leave the dangerous situation of one-on-one negotiations when necessary.

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Su Bowen said that at the moment of emotional dispute negotiation, don't overestimate the power of self-protection. In addition to avoiding discussions in one-on-one situations where you can't ask for help, you should also avoid provocative and provocative words; When people enjoy the happiness of being "meticulously taken care of" when they are in love, there is often hidden control over love. When one party cannot meet expectations, it is likely that love will turn into hatred and become a terrible lover.

Su Bowen mentioned that couples still have to respect each other's boundaries, and there should be no physical violence. Foreign studies regard peeking at each other's letters or mobile phones, controlling which friends a partner can see, how they should dress, etc., as violations of boundaries. In severe cases, intimate violence is prone to occur.

Lin Yanting, director of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Control Center of Taoyuan City Government, said that it is best for couples to negotiate a breakup in public and have a way to protect themselves. , It is necessary to worry about whether it is a horror lover.