The water company will inject Fengshan Reservoir with Gaoping River to reduce the usage of Donggang River.

(Photo by reporter Chen Wenchan)

[Reporter Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] The water situation in the south is severe, and the water situation in Kaohsiung has now turned green. It calls on the public to save water, and asks the industry to save water by 5%. Ensure that the water storage capacity of 6 million tons will be maintained by the end of May, and the Fengshan Reservoir will be injected into the Fengshan Reservoir with the Gaoping River to reduce the use of the Donggang River. In conjunction with the water company's upgrading plan, an increase of 800,000 tons will be made by mid-March.

Kaohsiung’s daily water consumption is about 1.5 million tons, of which about 1.2 million tons are for people’s livelihood. With the steady daily supply of 74,000 tons of industrial reclaimed water from Fengshan and Linhai Water Resources Center, the overall water consumption has dropped to about 1.4 million tons, increasing tap water dispatching The amount of energy.

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The rainfall in the south has hit a 30-year low, and the flow rate of Gaoping River has dropped to 8.9 cubic meters per second, which is a record low for the same period in previous years. The Water Resources Department has adjusted Kaohsiung’s water regime to a green light to remind the public to save water without affecting their daily life.

The water company suspends the supply of clean water to Tainan from the north and diverts the Gaoping River to pour into the Chengcheng Lake. The current water storage rate has increased from 63% to 80%, and will continue to divert water to increase the water storage rate to 90%. The Gaoping River will be used to inject Fengshan Reservoir , to reduce the use of Donggang Creek to resolve public concerns.

The water company is also promoting the Fengshan Reservoir upgrade plan, which will raise the water level by 1.5 meters, from 44.5 meters to 46 meters, and increase the water storage capacity by 800,000 tons. It is expected to be completed by mid-March.

In particular, Kaohsiung and Tainan share the Nanhua Reservoir. The Water Conservancy Department will strengthen the use of the Zengwen Reservoir and ask the water companies to increase the water output capacity of each water purification plant to 630,000 tons per day, and use the water pipe network to regulate people's livelihood water and reduce the water output of the Nanhua Reservoir. , The control is 370,000 tons per day to ensure that the water storage capacity of 6 million tons will be maintained until the end of May.

The Water Conservancy Bureau has newly drilled 11 drought-resistant wells, and 6 of them are already available for water supply. By the end of February, all of them will be supplied with water, with a daily increase of 47,000 tons; the water company has dug another 3 drought-resistant wells, which are expected to produce water by the end of February, with a daily increase of 14,000 tons; The South Water Bureau of the Water Resources Department will also continue to dig wells and develop underground water.

In addition, Fengshan and Linhaiwater Resource Center supply 74,000 tons of industrial recycled water per day, which can increase by 13,000 tons per day in the future to stabilize industrial water demand and increase tap water dispatching capacity; Fengshan and other six sewage treatment plants can supply 18,000 tons per day Tons of recycled water is used for washing streets, preventing dust on construction sites, and watering.

A large area of ​​sandbars emerged in Gaoping River, and the flow rate continued to hit a record low in the same period of the year.

(Photo by reporter Chen Wenchan)