Part of the South Cross road will be closed to traffic every Wednesday from February 15th to March 29th.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

[Reporter Huang Xulei/Kaohsiung Report] The repairing of the damage to the upper slope near the pass of Nanheng Highway (Province 20 Line 105 Access Road) will be closed every Wednesday from February 15th to March 29th. From now on Tuesdays, Four additional days are prohibited, and tourists from Kaohsiung can only reach the pass platform (37K) at the Taitung side through the Daguanshan Tunnel.

The General Administration of Highways stated that the 39K+730 (near the pass) of the 105th detour on the Taiwan 20th Line is carrying out the upper slope disaster repair and hanging net rock plug operation. Because the slope of the construction site is steep and high, the diameter of the trees above does not reach 15 cm. It cannot be carried out in a suspended manner, so it is necessary to occupy the road and use a mobile crane for construction.

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The engineering unit pointed out that every Wednesday from February 15th to March 29th, traffic is prohibited every Wednesday. Tourists from Kaohsiung enter from Meishan, and they can reach the pass platform (37K) after passing through the Daguanshan Tunnel. Mountaineers can climb the Nanheng Sanxing Mountain Range , As for the slope construction at 39K+730, it is temporarily impossible to go to Guanshan, Taitung.

The engineering unit said that there will be no construction during the 228 consecutive holidays (February 25 ~ February 28), and remind tourists to use the Xingfu Highway APP of the General Administration of Highways or the Highway Disaster Prevention and Relief Information System of the General Administration of Highways ( ), Or check on the service network (