Ukrainian singer

Nadia Dorofeeva

showed how she spent one of the evenings together with her boyfriend, restaurateur

Misha Katsurin

The performer recorded a cute video with her lover, which she shared on her TikTok account to the song Pretty Girls Walk by rapper Big Boss Vette.

In the video, Dorofeeva demonstrated a delicious dinner that Katsurin had prepared for them.

The restaurateur pleased his beloved with white fish stewed in a pan with vegetables and spices. 

@nadyadorofeeva @Misha Katsurin ♬ Pretty Girls Walk - Big Boss Vette

Dorofeeva herself appeared in the video in her home look - without make-up, in a gray hoodie and with her hair in a bun.

At the end of the video, the singer thanked her lover for dinner with a tender kiss. 

By the way, recently Nadia Dorofeeva presented a new lyrical song "Whatsapp".

The other day, the singer


how the clip for the track was filmed and told how she transformed into an emotional drummer.

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