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This tragedy is unforgettable even for Turkey, which has experienced other earthquakes.

These are two earthquakes independent of each other.

Within hours, two very strong tremors occurred.

The tragedy is huge.

This was said by the former ambassador of Bulgaria to Turkey, Nadezhda Neynski

Nadezhda Neinski began her political career in the restored at the end of 1989 in the show "Face to Face".

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 131

According to her, in addition to material damage and lost human lives, bad weather conditions also play a significant role. 

Winter is very cold there.

On the one hand, the pain and tragedy of the lost, on the other, the unknown.

This is huge material damage.

A very big disaster.

There is one bright ray - solidarity, including from Bulgaria.

Family is very important to Turkey, friendships last a lifetime.

Turkish society is very supportive.

Funds are being made for financial means.

There are very difficult months ahead, possibly years for Turkey's recovery.

In the face of death and pain, the human returns.

We must be human not only when the irreversible happens.

We must learn from this pain.

Turkey will need a lot of help, Neynski noted. 

When asked about the construction of the buildings in Turkey, she stated: If there is poor quality construction, I think that someone saved something by taking it for themselves.

Whether this is the case I cannot say. 

We have no information about what is happening in Syria.

There are human beings there too.

There are also mothers buried under the rubble with their children.

Syria is an extremely troubled area and no one knows who is responsible for what.

No one knows whether international aid will reach the local population, Neinski also pointed out. 

A new earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 has shaken Turkey

The former foreign minister also commented on the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Both sides have an interest in Macedonia not becoming a member of the EU.

In Macedonia itself, the situation is much more serious.

Such provocations, as with the beating of Pendikov, and the celebration of provocations are sought, but they are also against the future of the RSM.

If he wants to become a member, they must realize that such provocations will not happen, added Neynski. 

She noted that the European Commission condemned what happened to Hristiyan Pendikov. 

Macedonia has a problem with the EU.

She must assure the EU that she does not use the language of hate.

Using it will be an obstacle for her to enter the EU. 

Macedonian politicians did not take a position to offer medical care and help him.

This type of behavior encourages people who are against EU membership.

VMRO-DPMNE is against the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution.

Macedonia is swinging between its past and future, the former foreign minister also commented. 

Regarding the war in Ukraine

, Neynsky said: The war is now a nightmare.

It is very important what will be the behavior of Bulgaria in the next year.

The attitude to war also has a bearing on domestic politics.

When there is a stable Euro-Atlantic government with a long-term vision, there will be more serious authority in all conversations.

Bulgaria and the other EU and NATO member countries will have to make complex decisions.

How can such decisions be made if there is no stable Euro-Atlantic government.

The most important thing in these elections is to create a Euro-Atlantic majority to produce a stable government. 

The political forces should make clear requests on key topics for Bulgaria - the war in Ukraine, regarding the RSM, the Eurozone and the judicial reform, which should be specific.

When the opinions of the political forces are heard on these main priorities, it will be seen whether there are enough votes for a Euro-Atlantic majority.

I wonder if there is an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic majority?, she added. 

Regarding the upcoming merger of "We continue the change" and "Democratic Bulgaria", Neinski believes that there is potential. 

The government that is formed must have a 4-year mandate.

Hardly serious people would accept to be part of temporary constructions.

It is unlikely that our partners will look seriously if Bulgaria has a government with a mandate of several months.

If such a union takes place, it must be long-term, not only for these elections, stressed Nadezhda Neinski

Nadezhda Neinski began her political career in the restored at the end of 1989. 

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Nadezhda Neynsky