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Programmers, designers, scriptwriters, sound engineers, among other specialists, met from January 3 to 6 at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) to participate in the Global Game Jam (GGJ), the largest simultaneous game development in the world, with the aim of creating a functional prototype in 48 hours.

GGJ is the world's largest collaborative game creation event, bringing together tens of thousands of developers from more than 100 countries every year.

In this 8th

edition (15th worldwide), attended by 30 teams of four people.



belonged to exact science vocational pre-university institutes (Vladimir Ilich Lenin and Humboldt 7), for a total of 120 participants.

The theme selected for this year was “Raíces”.

As in other editions, a subtheme for Cuban jammers was also added: “Children's Science”.

The event was also sponsored by the Havana Scientific and Technological Park, the Pueblo y Educación Editorial, the Cuban Computer Union, the Ministry of Higher Education, the ICAIC Animation Studios, the Scratch Cuba project and the Development Project Local Pinky.

The Global Game Jam Next was also held virtually, where 41 children and adolescents from primary and secondary schools participated, with the theme of children's literature.

Four pre-event workshops dedicated to technologies in video game development were given, given by specialists invited to the event.

Omar Correa Madrigal, doctor of sciences, shared with the attendees at the gamer-gamer interaction conference, where he emphasized the player's interaction with the game.

The developer Roger Dureñona shared about narrative in video games, as well as the development of video games with free software.

The more technical lecture by Joandy Paz Perdigón, about a plugin to create behavior trees that allow for greater interaction and playability for NPC characters.

The conferences and all the details of the two days of the Global Game Jam can be enjoyed on the Picta channel of Canal USB (at the end of this article).

Great prizes:

Team Gilty Geek

: Raiza, the adventure of a root

Team Good Vibes

: Deep in the roots

Team Sofflimits

: Last Hope


Team SS Chimera: the root of the monster

Team LEGACY: Roots

Team Borient: Koren

Global Game Jam Next


Daniela Rodríguez Companioni - Cocos Island Project

Xiang Joel Joa Calderín - Route of Knowledge Project

Teresa Ling Téllez Joa Project - Knowing the Golden Age


Isabella Marie Abreu Bamio - Children's Story Characters Project

Naomi Vázquez Vega - Project A paper boat

Mónica Hernández Hernández - Baby Project and Mr. Don Pomposo

You can download all the prototypes presented by Cuba on the official website of the Global Game Jam (HERE)

See the first day in Picta

See the second day in Picta

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.

Photo: Cubadebate.