Dubai will replace all taxis in the city with electric-hydrogen hybrid vehicles by 2027.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of Dubai recently approved a plan to replace all petroleum-based taxis with electric-hydrogen hybrid vehicles in 2027, and to zero-emission vehicles in 2050. Goals go one step further.

The Director-General of the RTA said that the results of the experiment started in 2008 confirmed that environmentally friendly vehicles can bring positive environmental benefits, plus the lifespan of hybrid vehicles is longer than that of ordinary cars, and the cost is lower in the long run.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Dubai Road Traffic Authority (RTA) announced that it will convert all taxis in the city to fuel-free vehicles by 2027, and replace ordinary vehicles with electric-hydrogen hybrid vehicles.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Executive Board of RTA, said that this plan is in line with the central government's environmental sustainability policy, reducing carbon emissions and leading the country towards green transportation. At present, 72% of taxis in Dubai have been changed. into environmentally friendly vehicles, a total of 8,221 hybrid vehicles.

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Thiel revealed that since 2008, RTA has been experimenting with replacing some taxis with gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, becoming a pioneer in green transportation.

He also emphasized that the service life of hybrid vehicles is longer than that of LPG vehicles, and the purchase price, maintenance and fuel costs, insurance premiums and other related costs may be 50% less than ordinary vehicles in the long run.

The most criticized charging time of hybrid vehicles, from the 8 hours of the old electric vehicles, to the addition of hydrogen technology, has been greatly shortened to only 1.5 hours.