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New, lower prices for subscription cards for students and pensioners for the public transport serviced by the municipal company "Trolleybus and Bus Transports" will be considered during the upcoming session of the Municipal Council - Stara Zagora in February.

This became clear during a press conference of the mayor Zhivko Todorov and the speaker of the local parliament Maria Dineva.

It is planned that the price of the monthly student subscription card for intra-city transport will be reduced from BGN 10 to BGN 5.

The price for the student subscription card for a period of three months, which now costs BGN 30, should become BGN 15.

For pensioners over the age of 68 - the price for a one-month subscription card from BGN 26 to BGN 22.

 "In this way, we want to encourage the use of public transport.

Compensation for regular passengers will be even more profitable", the mayor stated in his reasons. During the event, the departmental deputy mayor Radostin Tanev explained that at the moment the prices for students and pensioners are fully synchronized with the decision of the Council of Ministers to reduce by 70 per cent for students in the city and villages, as well as 40 per cent for pensioners in the city and villages.The proposal that we will present for a vote in the Municipal Council is for additional compensations in the public transport tariff.

"Another thing we will record is the change in the amount of the minimum pension threshold for price concessions.

At the moment, the threshold is BGN 470. Our idea is to increase the amount to BGN 510, which would benefit more pensioners who could benefit from the compensations," added Tanev.

Thus, the price of a subscription card for one month for people over 68 years old, with incomes lower than BGN 510, will be BGN 12, and not BGN 18, as it was until now.

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The proposals for lower prices in inter-urban transport are divided into several zones concerning the villages of the municipality.

The deputy mayor gave an example of the village of Dalboki, which had the most purchased cards for students in the past year.

The price of the card subscription for one month is worth BGN 41, and the proposal envisages that its price will become BGN 16.40.

"I fully support the proposal of Mayor Todorov and his team and what depends on me will be done so that we can make a decision at the next meeting that is undoubtedly in the interest of the people," said the chairperson of the Stara Zagora Municipal Council, Maria Dineva .

The proposal will be voted on on February 23, and if it is approved, the new prices for subscription cards will come into force on March 1, 2023, notes BTA

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