Yilan Mayor Chen Meiling (middle) promotes the Farmers' Day event. People buy snow mountain rice and get white garlic for free. The quantity is limited and will be sold out.

On the left is Yilan County Councilor Huang Dinghe, and on the right is Lian Shenghuai, a representative of Yilan citizens.

(Provided by Yilan City Hall)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Report from Yilan] Yilan City Office and Yilan City Farmers Association will hold a Farmers' Day Carnival and Snow Mountain Fresh Rice Promotion at the City Farmers Association tomorrow (8th) to praise agricultural practitioners. People will buy 1 pack at the scene Snow mountain rice, you can get a handful of Yilan white garlic.

The event will be held at the Yilan City Farmers Association on Xiaodong Road tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. to commend outstanding farmers and agricultural practitioners. Members of the Yishi Farmers Association who sign in at the scene can receive lottery tickets and participate in lucky draws for bicycles and electrical appliances.

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There are also various booths at the venue for members and the general public to participate in, including various production and marketing classes to display and sell fresh local produce, Yilan Winery’s special roasted red yeast rice sausage and snow mountain rice popcorn, which are available for everyone to taste and buy; Yilan The booth of the tax bureau is open to the public with invoices from January and February of this year (6 to 24 invoices in the cloud, 12 to 48 in paper) to exchange for souvenirs (soap boxes, coffee cups, stainless steel soup pots, etc.), welcome The public responded.

Yilan City produces snow mountain rice, which is crystal clear in appearance and can still maintain its Q aroma after being cooked and cooled.

The organizer held a "buy rice and get garlic free" event. People who bought 5kg snow mountain rice at the venue could get 1 handful of Yilan white garlic as a gift, limited to 80 packs, and each person is limited to 1 pack. The original price of each pack is 285 yuan, and the on-site discounted price is 280 yuan Yuan.

Mayor Chen Meiling promoted the event together with the Municipal Farmers Association yesterday. Chen said that Snow Mountain Rice is a high-quality rice promoted jointly by the Municipal Office and the Municipal Farmers Association. It is fragrant and Q, and I recommend it to everyone.

The Municipal Farmers Association stated that due to the impact of extreme climate and the epidemic around the world, agriculture has encountered great challenges, but farmers and agricultural practitioners are still not afraid of hardships and continue to work hard in their respective positions. Thank you.