The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, shared his fictions about the "racist essence" of the head of the EU foreign policy service, Josep Borrell.

The Russian minister made his statement on the air of one of the propaganda channels.

Yes, Lavrov said that

Borrell does not know how to hide the supposedly racist essence of his vision of the world


With these words, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation responded to the comment of the head of European diplomacy regarding his "African tour".

"This is being said by a person who does not know how to hide the racist essence of his vision of the world. Recently, as you remember,

he publicly said that Europe is a blooming garden, and he, so to speak, is a gardener there

," Lavrov stated false facts. .

In addition, he attributed Borrell's words to the effect that, 

for the European Union, African countries are "jungles" that threaten the well-being of the "European garden". 

It should be noted that on February 3, Borrell, following the results of his visit to Africa, called on the countries of the continent to show solidarity with Ukraine and

pointed out the deceitfulness of the Russian authorities


In particular, the European politician said: "The Russian invasion of Ukraine was high on the agenda, after the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to South Africa a few days before."

We will remind that in January, Lavrov went on a diplomatic tour of Africa and visited four countries in order to drag their governments to the side of the Russian Federation in the issue of the war against Ukraine.

However, two unpleasant surprises happened during this tour with the Russian minister.

As the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba hinted, two of the African countries refused to communicate with Lavrov.

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