The egg shortage crisis in New Zealand was further aroused by the fire at the largest supplier.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Zeagold Farm, the largest egg supplier in New Zealand, suffered a fire a few days ago, killing about 50,000 hens, causing public concern about a national egg shortage.

In fact, because of the ban on the use of battery cages to raise chickens at the beginning of the year, the domestic egg shortage problem has long been caused. Now the largest supplier has encountered a fire, which has caused even more panic among the people.

According to the Guardian, a fire broke out at the Zeagold farm, the largest egg supplier in New Zealand, killing 50,000 hens. Zeagold also hired professional veterinarians to the scene to take care of the remaining chickens.

The person in charge said that it will take some time to rebuild the chicken coop and restore the number of chickens, but he will still work hard to supply eggs and restore the production volume before the fire as soon as possible.

However, the fire has also aroused concerns among New Zealanders.

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At the beginning of this year, the New Zealand government banned the use of battery cages to raise chickens for the sake of animal welfare, which meant that a large number of farming equipment needed to be replaced. Some businesses reduced egg production during the renovation of chicken coops, but many people left this place. industry, which directly leads to a decline in the number of eggs available on the market.

According to statistics, before the Zeagold fire, it was estimated that 300,000 hens were needed to alleviate the national egg shortage crisis.

Today, although the person in charge of Zeagold said that it will not drag down the entire supply chain, it still has a certain impact during the short-term egg shortage.