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The Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov

Krum Zarkov was born on November 21, 1982. He graduated from the 9th French language high school "Alphonse de signed an agreement with all the unions of the system of the General Directorate for the Execution of Penalties (GDIN) and the General Directorate for Security (GDO), reported by the Department of Justice.

Signatures under the document in the minister's office were put by the presidents of the Union of Trade Union Organizations in the Ministry of Justice - Ivan Ivanov, the Union of Prison Employees in Bulgaria - Yasen Todorov, the Union "Ochrana" - Petko Chalakov, the Union of Penitentiary Employees - Ivan Ivanov, as well as and the newly established Trade Union of MP employees - Vanya Tihova and Trade Union of GDIN employees - Prolet Nikolova.

The agreement regulates the cooperation between the minister and the trade unions in the implementation of the social dialogue in the Ministry of Justice to guarantee and protect the official, socio-economic and professional rights and interests and to improve the standard of living of the civil servants in GDIN and GDO - members of the trade unions.

It is concluded for a period of three years and comes into force from today.

Zarkov reported 100% fulfillment of his priorities as Minister of Justice

"Thank you for the initiative and the work done.

This agreement is in the common interest," said Minister Zarkov to the trade unionists.

Krum Zarkov

Department of Justice

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