The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is not ready for the election campaign and the reasons are not internal, but in the political behavior of the leadership.

When in the last year you jumped from political table to political table, you were with PP and DB, then you flirted a little with GERB and with DPS, this terribly demotivates the voter.

Kiril Dobrev from the BSP commented this to the BNR

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is 

And he added that the leadership of the party should understand - the BSP voter

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) does not accept the party as a balancer, but as a main player: 

"And when you degrade her to the position of a waiter, there is no way they will vote confidence in you. The people who vote for the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is, they want, either a ruling party or a main opposition party, not a mediocre political element.

Nobody likes assistants, but leaders." 

In the show "12+3", Dobrev pointed out that people who have a different opinion are removed from the party. 

Kiril Dobrev: It is very likely that in the next parliament we will see a coalition between BSP, GERB and DPS

"The party will also survive these elections, new ones will come. However, for the leadership, these elections are fatal, because if they fail to stay in power, they will simply leave the internal party audience." 

According to him, nearly 700,000 voters stopped voting for BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated as BSP) wants to change the current leadership of the party. 

"Consolidation is going on the right so that the first place can be attacked. On the left - fragmentation so that there are more free voters so that someone can steal. There can only be a left unification with the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is. The unification is extremely important". 


Cyril Dobrev