New Taipei City Councilor Zhuo Guanting broke the news that the Tourism Communications Bureau of the Taipei City Government offered to move Ke Wenzhe to the side.

(Taken from Zhuo Guanting's Facebook page)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The Taiwan Lantern Festival opened on February 5. President Tsai Ing-wen and Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan initiated the lighting ceremony. The former Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe who was invited to attend stood at the very side. Jiang Wanan said that it was planned by the Central Ministry of Communications. Seat arrangements are respected, but New Taipei City Councilor Zhuo Guanting broke the news on Facebook tonight. During the coordination meeting on February 5, the Taipei City Tourism and Communications Bureau took the initiative to propose adjustments. At the very end, Chen Shuhui, director of the viewing and communication bureau, denied, saying, "We must not have said that."

Zhuo Guanting posted a post on Facebook in the evening, and posted a map of the location of the distinguished guests at the lighting ceremony of the lantern festival.

Zhuo Guanting pointed out that Ke Wenzhe's "stand" for Taiwan lights was placed on the farthest side. It was actually requested by Jiang Wan'an's city government team. No shoulders and no kindness.

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Zhuo Guanting pointed out that he participated in the preparation of the Taiwan Lantern Festival at the Taichung City Government in 2015, and the top five lights-on officials have never changed; the second row of legislators and the Executive Yuan were invited by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, Some of the ministries will sponsor the Lantern Festival, invited by the Taipei City Government, and the rest will be arranged by the former Mayor Ke Wenzhe and the current Taipei City Council Chairman Dai Xiqin, who are also invited by the Taipei City Government.

Zhuo Guanting broke the news that Ke Wenzhe was not at the end of the original arrangement. The coordination meeting held at the Lantern Festival Command Center at 10:00 am on February 5 was adjusted by the Taipei City Viewing and Communication Bureau. Officials from the Bureau of Views and Communications clearly stated in the meeting that "Speaker Dai Xiqin should be ranked next to foreign envoys, so Ke Wenzhe and Dai Xiqin were swapped." Doesn't Jiang Wan'an need to apologize for lying?

In this regard, Chen Shuhui said in an evening interview that she did not participate in the meeting of the command center on February 5, but "we must not have said such a thing." The first row of light-on officials is traditionally where the president and the current mayor stand. Breaking through the tradition, I hope that the mayors and the president can stand in the first row, but "it didn't meet our expectations." Later, the Tourism Bureau asked the Bureau of Viewing and Communication to rank its own priorities, so the Bureau of Viewing and Communication only provided the list.

Chen Shuhui also retorted. Former Taipei Mayor Hao Longbin, Keelung Mayor Hsieh Kwok-liang and the mayors of the two sister cities of Beishi are all standing in the third row. Are these four distinguished guests not important?

Chen Shuhui emphasized that at the beginning, the Observation and Communication Bureau wanted to win the first row, and at least half of the second row were VIP guests from the city government, but it was counterproductive, and the international etiquette can be arranged as it should be. Etiquette is arranged in a limited number of seats, and I hope everyone can do a good job at the Taiwan Lantern Festival together.