Kaohsiung City's annual housing tax is estimated at 300 million yuan. Mayor Chen Qimai released three major benefits today, including discounting the monthly rent of communal houses.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung City’s annual housing tax is expected to be 300 million yuan. Mayor Chen Qimai released three major benefits today, which will be used to reduce the monthly rent of communal houses, increase the number of rent subsidy households, and subsidize the interest of first-time buyers. Can take care of the living needs of disadvantaged and child-rearing families.

Chen Qimai held a press conference this morning at the first newly built communal house in Kaohsiung City - "Kaixuan Green Tree" communal house, announcing that he will use Kaohsiung City's hoarding tax of 300 million yuan to reduce the burden on young people and the disadvantaged three major preferential measures.

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The first item is to reduce the monthly rent of the communal housing. Chen Qimai emphasized that the rent of Kaixuan Qingshu social housing in Lingya District is determined by reference to other five cities. The general households are about 20% off the market price, and the care households are about 40% off the market price.

The city government will further use the housing tax subsidy to reduce the rent discount of ordinary households to 25% of the market price and the rent of caring households to 50% of the market price to reduce the burden on the renters. In the future, this principle will also be used for newly completed social housing Set preferential and affordable rental prices.

After the reduction, the rent of the Kaixuan Green Tree community house will be between 3,500 yuan and 17,200 yuan, which is the most favorable policy among the six capitals and also the most caring for young people and caring households.

In terms of increasing the number of rent subsidy households, Chen Qimai pointed out that for tenants in the general rental market, in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior’s 30 billion rent subsidy and the Kaohsiung City’s increase in rent subsidy plan, a one-time rent subsidy will be given to families with children, one 12-year-old A rent subsidy of 4,000 yuan will be given to the following children, 8,000 yuan will be given to 2 children, and 12,000 yuan will be given to 3 or more children to reduce the financial burden of the family raising children.

The third is to subsidize the first-time buyer loan interest. Considering the recent increase in interest rates, in order to reduce the burden of first-time homebuyers, we will cooperate with Kaohsiung Bank to provide Kaohsiung residents with a first-time housing loan plan in Kaohsiung City. The initial planning loan condition is an upper limit of 8 million RMB, the maximum loan amount is 80%, the maximum term is 30 years, and the city government will use the housing tax subsidy rate of 0.25% for a period of 3 years, and it is estimated that 600 households will benefit.

According to statistics from the Kaohsiung City Metropolitan Development Bureau, the "Kaixuan Green Tree" communal house has attracted 2,998 groups of people since it opened for house viewing last week. Applications will be accepted starting today (7th). Some people came to line up for registration at 7:00 in the morning, thinking that "the internal environment is quite Not bad", "The lighting is also great, and the living room is very large."

The Metropolitan Development Bureau stated that the deadline for acceptance is March 1. People who are willing to apply for rent can apply online, by mail, or at the counter of the Metropolitan Development Bureau. For details, contact 07-3368333 and transfer to 2649-2651.

Chen Qimai (from right), Legislator Zhao Tianlin, Kaohsiung City Vice Mayor Lin Qinrong, City Councilor Tang Yongyu and others took photos online in front of the Kaixuan Green Tree House.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

The people who appreciate the house think that the interior environment of Kaixuan Green Tree House is good, and the space is quite large.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

The residence of Kaixuan Green Tree Club has an eye-catching appearance, and there are two buildings in total.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)