On Tuesday, February 7, the entrance of a five-story residential building collapsed in the town of Yefremov, Tula region of the Russian Federation.

At least 5 people died under the rubble.

The Baza Telegram channel publishes a video from the place of the NP.

According to residents, before the explosion, there was a distinct smell of gas in the building on the 4th floor.

Residents called the gas service, but the explosion occurred before specialists arrived.

Dismantling the debris, the employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations rescued 5 people, including one child.

At least five people died, and the total number of injured is still unknown.

The emergency services report that the cause of the explosion was a malfunction of the gas equipment.

It will be recalled that earlier in Russia, a fuel truck exploded at the airfield near Ryazan, as a result of which at least three people died and six more were injured.

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