A resident of the Russian city of Chita was fined for the second time because of a dream about Zelenskyi.

Two women wrote "denunciations" on him.

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It is known that for reposting a report from the BBC and for an interview for the Russian opposition TV channel "Dozhd" the man was "reported".

In the materials, he talked about the fact that he was fined for retelling a dream about Zelenskyi.

"Two different women wrote two denunciations against me: one from Primorye, the other apparently from Chita. One didn't like my broadcast on Dozhde. The other didn't like the video from the BBC in my feed. Both denunciations will be administrative," Losev said. .

In general, the Central Court imposed two fines of 35 thousand rubles on Ivan Losev for two cases of "discrediting" the Russian army. 

We will remind

that in Russia, in the Omsk region, a camel killed an aggressive Russian man who tried to beat him.

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