On Wednesday, February 8, the lights will not be turned off in the Mykolaiv region due to measurements of electricity consumption.

"Mykolaivoblenergo" informs about this.

"Consumption limits are calculated separately for each operator of the distribution system and directly depend on the consumption volumes on the day of measurements. The current limits were set based on the indicators that were measured in Mykolaiv Oblast in October 2022. Therefore, tomorrow there will be no scheduled, including hourly, shutdowns -

everyone consumes electricity in normal mode

," the company explains. 

It is noted that currently, for each operator of the distribution system, the days of measurement of consumption volumes are determined.

In the Mykolaiv region, it is Wednesday, February 8. 

"In the case of new missile attacks or other reasons that may lead to a significant deficit in the energy system, the day of measurements will be postponed," Oblenergo warns.

Where blackout schedules have yet to be implemented this week

As reported, regime measurements will be conducted

on February 9  in the entire Khmelnytskyi region.

 That is why there will be electricity in the region throughout the day.

Also, due to electricity measurements, there will be light all day on February 8 in the Donetsk region.

DTEK emphasized that such a step is necessary in order to determine the correct limits when using schedules.

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