Before this set of councils will die of respiration

There is still a stockpile war. The opposition parties will discuss cleaning up the government without a vote of confidence in the final round of another program.

The goal is to crush the government's rotten wounds.

Repeat before the dissolution of the House of Representatives on February 15-16, another 30 full hours!!

Opposition MPs will have 22 hours to dissect the government.

The government (Prime Minister Uncle Tu leads) will have 8 hours to respond to the opposition.

"Mae Luk Chan" pointed out that the opposition parties are looking to use this opportunity to humiliate the government's repeated failures and failures in the past four years to show that the government leader is incapable of solving the problems of the people's brethren.

Moreover, it still allows corruption, corruption, etc.

Aiming hard at Uncle Tu's body full of caramel

Prime Minister Uncle Tu would not want to be a silent target for the opposition to collapse on one side.

must issue weapons to counter the opposition in the eyes of the people!!

Because if "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" refutes allegations that the opposition is not clear??

Prime Minister Uncle Tu will no longer have a chance to make excuses.

Because this is the last battle that the opposition and the government will collide in the middle of the House of Representatives.

"Mother Luk Chan" believes that the final government debate battles must be more intense than any previous government debate battles.

Will Prime Minister Uncle Tu survive the opposition or not?...must follow and see

There is only one problem... there are rumors that "Uncle Tu" will escape the battle of cleaning debates in the House by letting MPs from the coalition party not present themselves as a quorum.

for the council to collapse until the opposition cannot open a debate as they wish??

because he was afraid that if he allowed the opposition to use the parliamentary forum to discuss the government's abandonment

The government is at a disadvantage against the opposition at every door!!

Making the council collapse is the only way to save the government from fatal injuries.

But "Mother Luk Chan" views that causing the council to collapse in order to escape the battle of cleaning debates in the council will cause Prime Minister Uncle Tu to lose even more.

Because this is not the first time Prime Minister Uncle Tu has been purged by the opposition in the middle of the House of Assembly.

Prime Minister Uncle Tu has been distrusted by the opposition 4 times.

was opened by the opposition without a vote of confidence 3 more times

It's equal to Prime Minister Uncle Tu being caught by the opposition in the middle of the council 7 times in 4 years!!

"Mother Luk Chan" believes that Prime Minister Uncle Tu will not escape the last round of the washing battle.

Having been slaughtered 7 times, he survived.

Allowing the opposition to cut the final cut once more...Chew Chew Uncle!!

"Mother of the Moon"