The Chinese search and rescue team arrived at Adana Airport in Turkey safely, and completed the report at the United Nations Reception and Evacuation Center (RDC), and will soon start rescue work.

The advance team of the Taiwan International Search and Rescue Team assembled at Taoyuan International Airport.

(Provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey. Taiwan's search and rescue team flew to Turkey late at night yesterday (6) for disaster relief. Just earlier, the Taipei City Search and Rescue Team posted on Facebook that today (7 ) at 8:00 p.m. (Turkey time 3:00 p.m.), the first search and rescue team safely arrived at Adana Airport in Turkey. Interior Minister Lin Youchang also posted a message on Facebook to cheer for the search and rescue team.

Lin Youchang said in the post that he contacted the team officer as soon as the search and rescue team arrived at Adana Airport, and conveyed the concerns of the President and Vice President and the cheers from all walks of life across the country. RDC) has completed reporting and is about to start rescue operations.

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RDC dispatched our country's search and rescue team to Adiyaman (UCC) for rescue missions, and in addition to general communication equipment, the search and rescue team also carried satellite phones to keep in touch with the fire department at any time. In addition, Lin Youchang also said that the second batch of search and rescue teams After arriving, they will also join the rescue team one after another.