Premier Chen Chien-jen (left) went to Taoyuan Airport to present the flag to the second batch of 90 members of the Taiwan International Rescue Team heading to Turkey, and shouted "Go Taiwan! Go Turkey!"

(Photographed by reporter Yao Jiexiu)

[Reporter Yao Jiexiu/Taoyuan Airport Report] "Taiwan Come on! Turkey Come On!" The second batch of 90 members of the Taiwan International Rescue Team headed to Turkey took an EVA Air charter flight this evening (7th) and took off at 10:30 pm. Premier Chen Chien-jen He specially went to the airport to present the flag, and also encouraged the team members to pay attention to their own safety during the rescue. He hoped to convey to the world the purpose of "Taiwan can help" and participate in international activities. He also announced that President Tsai will donate Taiwan's donation to Turkey from 20 million to $2 million.

Turkey's representative to Taiwan, Bedinko, brought his wife to the scene tonight, and shook hands with the team members preparing to clear the customs, thanking them for arriving in Turkey within 72 hours of the golden rescue time, and also reminding the local weather to pay attention to safety.

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On the evening of the 6th, Minister of the Interior Lin Youchang announced that the second batch of Taiwan search and rescue team members would take the Evergreen chartered flight to depart at 9:00 this morning. However, due to ground handling agency problems and the flight route had to bypass the Chinese border, they had to apply for permission to fly over the airspace from 8 FIRs. Evergreen After 18 hours of hard work, the aviation company finally obtained the overflight permission of all airway FIRs at 5:00 p.m. today, and the charter flight was able to depart smoothly at 10:30 p.m.

The second batch of Taiwanese search and rescue teams consisted of 90 people, including a medical team, two rescue dogs "Leg" and "Melody" and 8 tons of rescue equipment.

Chen Jianren encouraged the rescue team. After the September 21 earthquake in Taiwan in 1988, the Turkish rescue team was the first international rescue team to arrive in Taiwan. This Turkish earthquake is the best opportunity for Taiwan to give back. As a member of the global village, Taiwan should do its best to show The spirit of "Taiwan can help, Taiwan can help, Taiwan is helping, Taiwan is helping".

Chen Jianren also mentioned that the first batch of 40 rescue team members who set off on the evening of the 6th have arrived in Istanbul, Turkey today, and immediately transferred to Adana Airport in the disaster area, and reported to the UN reception and evacuation center in the disaster area, and began to carry out rescue and rescue in the disaster area Work.

Turkey's representative to Taiwan, Betinke (right), showed up at the airport and shook hands with the rescue team members one by one. He expressed his gratitude to them for rushing to the disaster area and reminded them to pay attention to safety.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Jiexiu)

Premier Chen Chien-jen (front row right) presented the flag to the second batch of Taiwan International Rescue Team heading to Turkey.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Jiexiu)