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During the welcome party that Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health visited the area in Sukhothai province late last week

The event was filled with politicians and high-ranking government officials from the Ministry of Public Health, from the Permanent Secretary to the Head of the Public Health Office, including many medical personnel.

Mr. Anutin took the opportunity to hold the microphone to vent his emotions with the doctors who surrounded him.

Concerning the migration problem, Dr. Suphat Hasuwanakij, from the director of Chana Hospital, Songkhla Province, to be the director of Saba Yoi Hospital.

Enough to summarize the main content

Start by praising the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health.

that he was a calm person, well positioned despite the movements of many groups

The important thing is to throw hot taro at the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health as if it were the central figure in moving "Mor Suphat" even though he had protested and did not let him go into chaos in many places.

Just one place will probably be enough.

But the Permanent Secretary did not agree.

Mr. Anutin also spoke in a similar way.

Dr. Suphat made a terrible mistake with his superiors.

along with pointing his hand to the Permanent Secretary for Public Health

I don't know what Dr. Suphat did wrong with Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health.

But as far as I can remember, Dr. Suphat is in another status.

is the president of the rural medical club

a group of leaders

The first among physicians

who oppose the free marijuana policy of "Sia Noo" and Bhumjaithai partisans

regarded as a party

It's an insult to Mr. Anutin directly.

Why today can become a party of "Mr. Opas"

while all the doctors who were there gathered

Clap your hands furiously.

No one objected or objected.

is equivalent to accepting that what he did to Dr. Suphat

is the right thing

And if Dr. Suphat committed an offense against the supervisor in the real line of work

Permanent Secretary Opas

You can sign and move right away.

Why do you have to issue a ministry order (special edition) to set up an inspector general?

A person can sign on behalf of the Permanent Secretary.

After this order came out only 3 days, the inspectors signed and moved together.

Or because he was afraid that trouble would follow

To find someone who has the courage to do it instead.

Because now the petition has reached the NACC, the House of Representatives, and according to Dr. Supat's petition

And, of course, to file an appeal against the order.

subsequently to the Administrative Court

I myself was a young journalist.

used to work around the Ministry of Public Health for a time

see the culture of the doctor's organization

who firmly adheres to the ideology, position, correctness

but later

Especially lately.

that seem to change

The ministry's administration seems to be flirting with the political side.

There is no resistance, even some policies or some actions.

will be a penalty to society

date time change

situation change

People's minds have changed.

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