After the 7.8 strong earthquake in Turkey, a pregnant woman in Syria gave birth to a child under a collapsed building, but she also swallowed her last breath.

(Picture taken from @Talhaofficial01 Twitter)

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A strong earthquake with a scale of 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred in Turkey on the 6th, causing at least 4,372 deaths in Turkey and Syria. In the disaster area of ​​Aleppo, Syria, a pregnant woman was trapped under a collapsed building. She tried her best to let the baby be born safely, but she also swallowed her last breath .

Pakistani journalist Talha Ch (Talha Ch) shared a video on Twitter of excavators and rescuers standing next to a pile of rubble, followed by a man running out with a newborn baby in his arms, while others Throwing blankets seems to want to keep the baby warm.

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Talah pointed out that the pregnant woman trapped under the rubble died shortly after giving birth, and the video was quickly spread on Twitter. It has been watched by nearly a million people, and many netizens left messages crying for themselves to watch My heart was broken, and I sent blessings to the baby one after another.

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The moment a child was born ???? His mother was under the rubble of the earthquake in Aleppo, Syria, and she died after he was born , The earthquake.

May God give patience to the people of #Syria and #Turkey and have mercy on the victims of the #earthquake #الهزه_الارضيه #زلزال

— Talha Ch (@Talhaofficial01) February 6, 2023