GOOGLE has launched a new product called "Bard" as a plan to compete with ChatGPT, a chatbot with advanced intelligence (AI) in the computer and internet system.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, said in a post that Bard has been opened to a "trusted" few people as a test starting Monday, and plans to make it available to the public "in the coming weeks," are underway.

Like ChatGPT, which was released publicly in late November by AI research firm OpenAI, Bard is built on a large language model.

These models are trained on multiple online databases to provide interesting responses to user input.

Analysts have said that the plan is intended to put Google in a good position to fight artificial intelligence by having "Bard."

Bard seems to be aiming to challenge the current popularity of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

Bard will be available to a group of "trusted people" before it's released later this year, according to a Monday blog post from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

A Google chatbot should be able to explain complex topics like space exploration in terms simple enough for a child to understand.

It also claims the service will also perform other mundane tasks, such as providing party planning tips, or lunch ideas based on what's left in the fridge.

"Bard can be a creative outlet, and a platform for curiosity," Pichai wrote

Google announced Bard's presence less than two weeks after Microsoft revealed it was pouring billions of dollars into OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT.

Microsoft's decision to accelerate the $1 billion investment it previously made in OpenAI in 2019 increased the pressure on Google to show that it can keep up with the pace in a field of technology that many analysts believe will be as revolutionary as personal computing.