The picture shows the Patriot anti-aircraft missiles in active service in the German Federal Army.

(The picture is a file photo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Patriot missile system deployed by Germany in Poland has reached initial operational capability (initial operational capability).

According to the military website Janes, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense said that 350 people and three launch units had been deployed near Zamość near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

On January 23, the German Air Force announced that it would move two squadrons (squadrons) stationed in Mecklenburg to Poland. Each squadron consists of a fire control station, radar vehicle, power supply vehicle, radio relay station, supply vehicle, and launch vehicle.

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According to a report by the Chinese Communist Party’s media, People’s Daily Online, on November 15 last year, a missile exploded in the village of Przewodow near Ukraine on the eastern border of Poland, killing two Polish citizens.

The Polish side stated that the missile was likely to be an out-of-control stray missile launched by Ukraine.

After the incident, Germany expressed its willingness to provide Poland with the "Patriot" anti-aircraft missile system, and said that if necessary, the number could be increased to 650.