A 9-year-old from Pennsylvania, USA, has a high school diploma and dreams of becoming an astrophysicist when he grows up.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The average person graduates from high school at almost 18 years old, but David Balogun, a gifted child from Pennsylvania, USA, obtained a high school diploma at the age of 9. He dreams of becoming an astrophysicist in the future.

According to the "UPI" report, Balogan studied at the Reach Cyber ​​Charter School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and recently obtained a diploma after completing the required courses remotely. semester, after which I plan to find a 4-year university to continue my studies.

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Balogan said he wants to study black holes and supernovae, so he hopes to take a step in the direction of astrophysics.

Balogan's parents both hold advanced degrees. The mother revealed that the 9-year-old son's understanding ability is far beyond his peers, and sometimes even exceeds her understanding.