Watching the Kaohsiung Port Travel Center from the sea is more futuristic.

(provided by readers)

[Reporter Hong Dinghong/Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung Port Tourism Center, which cost 4.5 billion yuan and was completed nearly 10 years ago, will hold an opening ceremony on March 6, and open the outdoor viewing platform on the third floor for the public and cruise passengers to enjoy the sea view .

The photos released by the Taiwan Port Authority in the past were mainly based on the streamlined appearance. Although it is already amazing, some readers took pictures from the sea, which highlights the "super futuristic sense" of the Kaohsiung Port Tourism Center, which is full of room for imagination.

The Kaohsiung Port Travel Center is mainly divided into a tower, 3 nests, and a viewing platform. The tower has 15 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground. Construction started in November 2013. Because of the use of 3D curved curtain walls, each piece of aluminum plate and The size and angle of the glass are different, and the production must be ordered separately. The difficulty is extremely high, resulting in multiple delays in the project, and finally obtained the license last year.

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Because it is said to have the largest curved surface in the country, the streamlined night view is very eye-catching, but photography fans mainly shoot from the urban area to the port area, and few people shoot from the sea to the urban area. I did not expect to see the Kaohsiung Port Travel Center from the sea. Nests are a new focus of discussion.

After the readers took pictures, they used their imagination to discuss with their friends, saying: "Super futuristic!" Some people described the three nests and towers as "a super futuristic weapon system". The towers are handles and switches, and the three nests The shaped body is the launch port of the shell; others feel that it looks like an alien "three-headed snake", that is, the three nested bodies are like a vicious snake head with grinning teeth, and the tower is a snake body.

According to the design drawing of the Kaohsiung Port Tourism Center published on the official website of Zongmai Architects, one of them fully presents the "super futuristic" composition taken from the sea. The three nests are not only an alternative viewing platform, but also have the ability to introduce light Effect.

The Kaohsiung Port Affairs Branch stated that on March 6 and March 9, the viewing platform of the Kaohsiung Port Tourism Center will be opened for the public to enter and enjoy the cruise ship and the sea view at close range, and then continue to optimize the viewing platform. It is estimated that the project will be 2 1 month to 3 months.

Looking at the Kaohsiung Port Travel Center from the side, you can overlook the first port and have a wider view of the sea.

(Provided by Kaohsiung Port Branch)

View the streamlined appearance of the Kaohsiung Port Tourism Center from downtown Kaohsiung to the sea.

(Provided by Kaohsiung Port Branch)

Night view of Kaohsiung Port Travel Center.

(Provided by Kaohsiung Port Branch)