Former Chelsea player, Christian Atsu is among those rescued from the rubble in Hatay Province following the earthquake accident that occurred in Turkey and killed 5000 people.

The information about the rescue has been given by the player's manager, Mustafa Özat, while talking to Turkish radio station Radyo Gol, according to the BBC News Agency.

The Ghanaian player who plays for the country's Hatayspor team was trapped in the rubble after the earthquakes hit the countries of Turkey and Syria yesterday February 6, 2023.

The Vice President of Hatayspor, Mustafa Ozat has said that after the midfielder was rescued, efforts to find the club's sporting director, Taner Savut, who is trapped in the rubble, are ongoing.

The Ghana Football Association wrote on Twitter: "We have received positive news that Christian Atsu has been rescued from the rubble of the collapsed building and is receiving treatment.

Let's continue to pray for him."

Another player Atsu Kerim Alici, a close friend, has also been saved.