A group photo of Deng Nv (left), You Nv (right) and the girls in parent-child outfits.

(Intercepted from Younv Facebook)

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"Girls and Girls Love" broke up and set fire to 2 seriously injured and 3-year-old girl died innocently

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The emotional dispute between two lesbians broke out in Daxi District, Taoyuan City today, and arson broke out, resulting in 1 death and 3 injuries. A 30-year-old woman surnamed You and a 26-year-old woman surnamed Deng broke up and had a fierce quarrel. Take out the stored gasoline and splash the furniture and set fire to it. The fire caused Younu's 3-year-old daughter to be burnt to a charred corpse. Younu, Dengnu and Younu's father were sent to the hospital for burns and scalds. Prosecutor Zhai Hengwei from the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office visited the scene in the afternoon. Instructed to conduct an autopsy on the girl's body on the 9th to find out the cause of death and the cause of the fire.

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It is understood that You Nu and her daughter's biological father have not registered their marriage, and she raised her daughter alone. She met Deng Nv about a year after her daughter was born, and began "female-female love". , the two took a sweet wedding photo in February last year. You Nu’s Facebook profile photo also included a group photo with Deng Nv and her daughter. The relationship is quite harmonious. Little by little in life, Younv once complained that her daughter would wake her up to go to the bathroom before dawn, love to kick the quilt, and still dote on her daughter and call her "still my favorite little demon girl".

This year's New Year's Eve, You Nu chose to stay at home with her daughter in bed, taking care of her daughter who had just been discharged from the hospital after a week of illness, and her recovering daughter also took pictures of grimaces with her mother; in September last year, the family gathered happily to replace her 3-year-old daughter The daughter cut the cake to celebrate her birthday. The daughter was wearing a pink princess dress and was lively and active. Younv wrote emotionally, "Thank you for being my child, thank you for being so smart and cute", and made a wish that her mother's palms would be "safe and healthy." grow up happily".

Unexpectedly, the girl's biological father frequently visited her daughter at the breakfast shop recently, and during the Spring Festival, You Nu also took her daughter to visit her biological father alone, which caused Deng Nv's jealousy and frequent quarrels. You Nv proposed to break up and asked Deng Nv to move away. , but Deng Nv, who loves You Nv deeply, does not want to break up and move away at all.

Afterwards, the parents of You Nu who lived with her also considered that Deng Nv came from Pingdong alone and could not find a place to live for a while, so they were soft-hearted and did not force her away.

The girl surnamed You's biological father and grandfather bandaged the wound on her hand and neck, and the girl's grandmother rushed to the scene in the afternoon to wait for the prosecutor to go to the fire scene for inspection. The three looked sad, and they all cried with red eyes when the girl was burned to death in the fire. Chen Shengyi, head of Daxi District, Huang Yonglin, head of Sanyuan District, and neighbors were also present.

Neighbors said that You Nu's parents run a brunch restaurant nearby. You Nu's parents did business in the morning, and they handed over to You Nu to look after the shop at noon. Later, they saw Deng Nu live in You's house, dressed like a "little boy". They are called "little boys"; when you and your daughter and Deng Nv get together, they are either Qingqing or me, holding hands and having fun together, and often drive and ride bikes. Deng Nv often says to the lively and outgoing girl, "Daddy hug ", girls will also call Deng Nu "Daddy".

However, except for a few neighbors who knew that Deng Nv was a daughter, most of the neighbors thought that Deng Nv was a "little boy" dressed in neutral clothes.

Prosecutor Zhai Hengwei (3rd from left) of the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office led a forensic doctor to inspect the fire scene at a residential house in Daxi District, Taoyuan City, to clarify the cause of the fire and the death of the girl.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

The girl's grandmother felt sad and kept wiping away tears.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)