"Turkey-Syria" is still in crisis after a great earthquake. International mobilization of rescuers-volunteers.

Apply to enter the area to rush to help find disaster victims. In the midst of great obstacles, the whole land continues to shake repeatedly, buildings collapsing, and many roads are cut off.

With the cold weather from -7 to -15 degrees, causing the death toll to skyrocket.

The total of the two countries exceeded half a thousand bodies, more than 20,000 people were injured. The World Health Organization expects that there may be deaths.

nearly half a hundred thousand

The Thai Prime Minister expressed his deepest condolences.

Ready to help, "Don" stated that there are 4 Thai people in Turkey affected by the earthquake, with 1 property damaged and the other 3 people moved to stay in a safe area. At the same time, the cabinet has a resolution to help Turkey, including money, medical supplies. and rescue team

please just coordinate

Foreign news agencies report on the progress of the Turkish tragedy.

or a new Turkish name

after facing natural disasters

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed less than 12 hours later by a 7.5 magnitude quake in Gaziantep and Cahamanmaras provinces.

in the southeast and affecting northern Syria bordering

On February 7, or 1 day after the incident

Operations to search for the victims continued overnight.

Authorities found both survivors and deaths steadily increasing.

amid cold weather and snow in some areas

Rescuers, ambulances and volunteers from all over the world are trying to advance to the disaster area.

teams from Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Romania or England, while Turkish authorities mobilized more than 13,000 personnel in Istanbul to reinforce the area.

But the announcement warned the volunteers to avoid driving to the province where the incident happened.

Many roads are cut off or covered with snow and ice.

It is best to donate blood or relief items such as food, blankets and coats to the Red Cross.

that acts as an intermediary in the distribution of

However, rescuers in the area do not have enough manpower.

Need to speed up work in a race against time

to find victims trapped under the rubble as quickly as possible

Due to the cold weather in the provinces of Gaziantep and Cahamanmaras

The average daytime temperature is 4-6 degrees Celsius, while at night the temperature is minus 7 to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

in Hatay city

Mediterranean coastal area

There was a man who ran to reporters with tears in his eyes for help.

after finding survivors trapped under the ruins of a building

cry for help

But in the area there were no officers at all, no one saw anyone shouting, no one came.

medical academics

Duke University

The United States reports that

The adult body loses 1.2 liters of water per day through breathing.

sweat and urine

But if it reaches the point where the body loses more than 8 liters of water without water to replace it, it will be considered a critical condition.

need urgent help

The same goes for the temperature issue.

The normal human body can withstand a temperature drop of up to 21 degrees Celsius, but if lower than that, the body will lose heat continuously.

until the symptoms of hypothermia or hypothermia

causing various organs to not function properly leading to death

Later, the Turkish Disaster Response Agency revealed that

On the evening of February 7, there were about 24,400 rescuers working in the disaster area, but foreign news agencies reported that

The problem is

There are buildings that have recently collapsed or collapsed.

Authorities were told that more than 11,300 buildings had collapsed in the disaster area, and 5,775 had been confirmed to have collapsed.

While the confirmed death toll is 3,549 bodies and 20,426 wounded.

who were affected by the great earthquake this time as well

The confirmed death toll stood at 1,602, equaling the total death toll of the incident at 5,153.

Still, the World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Response Team sees earthquakes as similar, with the number of victims likely to exceed initial numbers over time.

Therefore, this event is likely to increase several times or at its worst, about eight times.

20,000 to 40,000 bodies. In addition, foreign news agencies reported that

International organizations also set up websites to request financial aid and relief supplies for Turkey and Syria.

whether UNICEF

Doctors Without Borders

Save the Children Foundation

On the same day, at Government House, Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and

Minister of Foreign Affairs

gave an interview about the progress of the earthquake in Turkey that

The Royal Thai Embassy in Ankara reported on the progress of the affected Thai people. It was found that one person suffered damage to his property, while three other Thai people have temporarily resided in an area provided by the Turkish authorities.

All of them were in a safe place and in a city far from the capital.

Also at the meeting

The cabinet has approved assistance to Turkey in various forms, including money, medical supplies, aid teams, and waiting for what assistance Turkey will coordinate.

Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, acting as a spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Prime Minister acknowledged his deepest regrets about the earthquake in Turkey and expressed his deepest condolences to Turkey and all affected countries.

On behalf of the Thai government and people

Believe that with solidarity we will be able to overcome this disaster soon.

Thailand is ready to help through close coordination between relevant agencies.

At this time, no Thai people were found injured or killed.

Thai people in the area are asked to be careful.

Check and follow the news.

as well as warnings from the Turkish authorities

Especially the possibility of an aftershock.

If you need help urgently.

You can contact the emergency number of the embassy.

Like Mr. Naris Khamnurak, Deputy Interior Minister, said that the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (PACC) has prepared a search and rescue team in the city.

If requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The security guard sent a team to help in Turkey.

It is equipped with both search tools.

including the medical team

and experienced

The government is very concerned about this incident.

If requested we will dispatch a team to assist.

We are ready to take action immediately.