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The boyfriend of the police officer Simona Radeva, dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Miroslav, will stand face to face in court against Georgi Semerdzhiev, writes the Telegraph.

Yakimov has been called to appear at the next hearing in the case against the jigitt who caused the brutal accident with two victims on Cherni Vrah Blvd.

The dismissed uniform must give answers to many questions about their acquaintance with Georgi Semerdzhiev, the visits to his car wash, as well as about the minutes after the accident, when Miroslav and his colleagues were preserving the scene of the accident.

It will become clear whether it was he who warned the police officer Radeva that the crashed jeep belonged to Semerdzhiev or he will embellish her version.

In her testimony before the court at the very first hearing of the trial, Simona explained how she did not know whose jeep the crashed belonged to.

She said she was just passing by on her way to Semerdzhiev's car wash to pick up some forgotten keys.

Afterwards, she took Georgi's ladder to get into the apartment, but she didn't know why.

Police officers stand before the court in the case against Georgi Semerdzhiev

Yakimov claims that it was he who called Simona with the words "Georgi must have caused trouble", say people familiar with the testimony from the pre-trial proceedings.

He will also have to explain about the eyewitness to the accident who told the police in which direction the driver of the fatal jeep ran, but the uniformed officers forgot to write down his names.

This person has not been found to this day.