According to doctors, if a person leads an active lifestyle, then he should not have a question about how often he can eat eggs.

However, otherwise, you should think about it so as not to harm yourself and your health.

How many eggs can you eat per day: fried and boiled

It is believed that a person who does not exercise regularly can eat 2-3 eggs per day, but no more than six per week.

Athletes can increase this number to six per day.

However, here doctors recommend relying only on egg white.

People with high cholesterol and allergies should limit their consumption of eggs.

For example, in the first case, doctors recommend eating only egg yolks.

If you are watching your weight, you should remember that they are considered a high-calorie product (157 kcal per 100 g).

What is definitely better not to do is to eat fried eggs every day.

Firstly, there are many options for their preparation.

Secondly, fried eggs are considered the most harmful dish from this product.

This was reported even in the National Health Service of Great Britain.

How many eggs a day can a child eat

Children can eat more eggs per day than adults.

The fact is that they are more active, move more, spending a lot of energy.

Therefore, in their body, all metabolic processes proceed faster.

Before giving eggs to a child, it is worth checking whether he is allergic to this product.

It is also not recommended to give babies soft-boiled or raw eggs, because they are poorly digested by the young body and contain substances that suppress the main actions of digestive enzymes.

How to cook eggs so that they are more useful

Experts in healthy nutrition are sure that boiled eggs (without salt) are the most useful.

Fried ones have more calories, because they are cooked in animal fat or vegetable oil.

For example, a hard-boiled egg has 160 kcal per 100 g, and a fried one has 200 kcal.

And they are not so useful, because during frying, most vitamins and minerals are lost and they become simply a source of cholesterol.

There is also a difference in how exactly to cook a hard-boiled egg - hard or soft.

Here the answer is unequivocal - a dish in which the yolk remains liquid (poached, "in a bag") is more useful.

Therefore, if you like both hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs, choose the second option.

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