A special cloud appeared in the sky over Bursa, Turkey on January 19, with strange shapes and colors.

(The picture is taken from Twitter)

[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the junction of southern Turkey and northern Syria at 4:17 am local time on the 6th, the largest earthquake in the region in a century.

However, a bizarre event happened in northwestern Turkey last month. A mysterious "abalone vortex" suddenly appeared in the sky. Whether the abnormal cloud is a precursor to a major earthquake has sparked heated discussions.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, the incident took place on January 19 in Bursa, the fourth largest city in the northwestern part of Turkey. The scene went viral on the Internet, and the mysterious vortex lasted for an hour. A long time ago, the incident happened in the evening, and with the setting sun shining on it, the orange-red vortex looked even more terrifying.

In addition, the terrified local people took pictures one after another, and the huge vortex made them very puzzled.

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The shape of this huge cloud is unscientifically round, and the layers are distinct from the outside to the inside. At first glance, it looks like abalone, a high-grade food, and because the cloud is dyed orange, it is also a bit like a persimmon. In particular, many netizens think it is a UFO.

Looking further at the videos widely circulated in the community, we can find that this cloud is like the "eye of God", as if it is watching people's every move, and the cloud does not seem to move at all, it just stops at the same time. A place so weird that it looks like special effects in a movie. The number of views of the movie has exceeded 1.9 million so far.

Turkey's Bursa region witnessed an incredible cloud formation… pic.twitter.com/wOWnRTETHp

— Tansu YEĞEN (@TansuYegen) January 20, 2023