The doctor's junior was impatient with the married professor surnamed Lin discussing stocks, so he uttered a "tsk", but he smashed his left eye with a laptop.

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[Reporter Yang Guowen/Taipei Report] A married professor surnamed Lin from a private university had an affair with a single female professor surnamed Gu with a Ph. Lin Nan was so angry that he grabbed Gu Nu's 1.35kg laptop and threw it at her face, almost blinding her left eye, leaving only a faint sense of light. ", unintentionally hitting someone, was still sentenced to 4 years in prison for the crime of serious assault.

After the appeal, the High Court today dismissed the appeal and still sentenced Lin to 4 years in prison, subject to appeal.

Lin Nan has a Ph.D. degree from National Taiwan University. He is currently teaching at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of a private university in the north. Lin Nan got married in 2016 and still had an affair with Gu Nv, who was teaching at another private university. She broke up with her because she could not bear the condemnation of her conscience, but she remained in close contact afterwards. Department, continued non-sexual relationship.

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The judgment pointed out that in April 2021, after Lin Nan and Gu Nu had dinner, they returned to her residence in Taipei City.

In the early morning of the next day, Lin Nan kept talking about stock investment. Gu Nu was not interested, but she continued to respond softly, and finally gave a "tsk". Unexpectedly, Lin Nan was furious because of this, and grabbed the pen that Gu Nu put on the ground for charging. The electricity, raised over her shoulder, hit her face, causing her left eye to ooze blood immediately, and she was almost blind.

After the woman was sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed with head trauma, left eyelid laceration, concussion, left orbital bony atresia fracture, left eyeball ruptured sclera laceration and combined retinal detachment injury. After treatment, the visual ability of the left eye was severely impaired Only Yu Guangjue sued Lin Nan angrily, and the prosecution charged Lin with aggravated injury after investigation.

During the trial at the Taipei District Court, Lin Nan denied that he had any intention of hurting others. He argued that when he was angry, he picked up the laptop that Gu Nu had placed on the ground and threw it towards the mattress. For some reason, the laptop slipped from his hand and smashed to her.

Gu Nv testified that during the chat, she couldn't fully agree with Lin's words and inadvertently made a "tsk" sound, but Lin threw her at her with a laptop.

The North Court believed that the two people were sitting on two corners of the double mattress at that time, with a distance of about 1.8 meters. In addition, the laptop was plugged in and charging. He was charged with serious injury and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

After the appeal, the High Court still finds Lin Nan involved in the crime of serious injury and is still sentenced to 4 years in prison.