Taipei City Councilor Jian Shupei.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Democratic Progressive Party Taipei City Councilor Jian Shupei recently challenged KMT Taipei City Councilor Yang Zhidou. Going up to a higher level" and betray the facts of the residents of Da'an District, don't try to divert the focus by rambling.

Jian Shupei said in a PO post on Facebook that Luo Zhiqiang asked his disciples to choke me to hang up a banner because he wanted to be elected as a legislator. After I exposed the fact that he and Lin Yihua abandoned the citizens of Da'an District before the end of their term, I had to resort to transfer. The art of focus is to use words to pretend to be pitiful and deceive the people.

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In 2018, Luo Zhiqiang was elected as the councilor of Daan Wenshan District with the highest number of votes, but because he wanted to be the mayor of Taoyuan, he resigned before the end of his term of office. After the Heyi election, he couldn't find a seat, so he ran away from Taoyuan again, and returned to Da'an District to say that he wanted to elect a legislator. Is this using Da'an District as a trash can?

Do you really think that the citizens of Da'an District can come and go as soon as they call it?

Jian Shupei said bluntly, "Luo Zhiqiang, please face the fact that you have betrayed the residents of Da'an District in order to "get to the next level", and don't try to divert the focus by rambling."

As for whether he wants to be elected as a legislator, Jian Shupei said, "I respect the DPP's nomination, but no matter what, I will stick to my post and do my duty as a member every day and every moment. Unlike Luo Zhiqiang, #吃球瓶内Looking outside the bowl, you can't even "seriously" stay in one place for a term."

Luo Zhiqiang responded under Jian Shupei's post, "Although there are double standards in logic, I still cheer for you! I wish you a successful election on behalf of the DPP!" "Smooth" nomination! Don't reverse the logic anymore, please apologize to your party for "confiscating the Da'an district legislators"!"