Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on February 7 that 

a state of emergency will be imposed for 3 months in 10 provinces affected by the powerful earthquake.

CNNTurk writes about it.

According to the latest data, as reported by the President of Turkey, as of now 

3,549 people have died and 22,168 have been injured.

However, this number is constantly growing.


- more than 8,000 citizens

were rescued from the rubble .

According to the Turkish leader, 53,317 rescuers and support personnel are currently working in the rubble area and this number is increasing every hour thanks to additional teams arriving from abroad. 

We are also implementing measures step by step to meet all the needs of earthquake victims.

Yes, d

54,000 tents, 102,000 beds and other materials

were sent to the region for delivery to the victims .

"We have immediately allocated 100 billion lire to our institutions for emergency aid and support. 

Due to the harsh winter conditions, there are still difficulties with the delivery of search and rescue teams, equipment and relief materials to the earthquake area. 

To this end, I remind you once again that no one should drive on the roads in the earthquake zone unnecessarily," Erdoğan urged.

He also added that at the scene of the tragedy Mr

a total of 5,000 medics with almost a thousand ambulances were dispatched, and Turkish citizens across the country donated blood to be used in case of need.

"In addition to thousands of servicemen of the Turkish Armed Forces, 10 ships of our Navy and cargo planes of our Air Force are involved in the evacuation and transportation. 

Our police and gendarmerie are on duty throughout the disaster area," Erdoğan told the latest news about the elimination of the consequences of earthquakes.

It will be recalled that a Dutch seismologist warned of a devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Was it possible to avoid the disaster and save thousands of lives - read HERE.




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