Huang Lu Jinru (right), chairman of the Taipei City Party Committee of the Kuomintang, accepted an exclusive interview with media person Huang Weihan today.

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[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Wang Hongwei, a KMT legislator, was re-elected as a Taipei city councilor with a high number of votes last year. Huang Lujinru, the chairman of the Ministry, said that if there are many people competing, the strongest candidate will be selected through public polls, and the constituencies in difficult constituencies will be recruited.

KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin recently announced his candidacy for the seventh constituency (Xinyi, Nansongshan), and will challenge the current party legislator Fei Hongtai, while councilor Xu Hongting also expressed his intention to run for the eighth constituency (Wenshan, Chung Cheng), the primary election will be held again In the battle against veteran Lai Shibao, the situation of generational confrontation and intra-party fighting has gradually become clear.

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In an exclusive interview with media person Huang Weihan, Huang Lu Jinru pointed out that this phenomenon is not "mutual fighting", but that the party is getting younger and each has its own views. It is better to express it bravely than the undercurrent. Especially the KMT is in a good situation now, and many people are willing to stand up and contribute , Fighting for opportunities is not a bad thing.

However, regarding how to coordinate candidates and avoid splits within the party, Huang Lu Jinru said that in the past, party members voted in the primary elections of the legislators, and found that the final results were similar to the public opinion of the national polls. Avoid problems such as high cost, splits, and head party members caused by party member voting.

At present, the KMT has many incumbent members in Xinyi and Nansongshan District, Daan District, Wenshan and Zhongzheng District, Neihu and Nangang District, Zhongzheng and Wanhua District, Shilin and Beitou District, etc. preparing to run for election; Huang Lu Jinru believes that if there are many people competing in each constituency, the polls are the most fair. For difficult constituencies such as Shilin and Datong District, recruitment will be adopted, and the relevant operations are expected to start in March or April.